Born Maria Kathlyn Tan, Maria is a wildly confident millennial who’s extremely driven in pursuing her a life that knows no limits. Her very outgoing and positive demeanor helped carve the way to where she is at the moment, and has made her welcomed in different social circles.

However, this was not always the case.

In her youth, Maria was both liked and disliked because she always thinks outside the box and introduces ideas many termed ‘impossible’. In school, her straightforward manner of speaking didn’t sit well with officials in her CATHOLIC private school. This made her learn how to temper her passion with gentleness and communicate in an empowered win-win way, which later became Maria’s most admirable talents.



By the time she was only 16 while continuing her schooling, she was running had run a small buy-and-sell business from home and had gone to work for several family members. One of which  in particular, owned a successful mid-sized retail business, with operations managers, consultants, IT team, and software consultant. Maria soaked it all in and being “the curious and courageous” girl that she was, asked lots questions and learned everything she could.

Within the a few months, she became a trusted member of the management team, taking over a critical role in the bookkeeping department where she found pinpointed reasons as to why the company was losing money and suggested ways to improve this. She pretty much climbed the corporate ladder and worked in operations, sales, management and HR.



Two years later, Maria made the bold decision to leave the Philippines and to move to Taiwan to pursue her tertiary education. It was here where she learned that people were willing to pay for services and not just products. Her student visa allowed for 20 work hours a week, and that is when Maria realized she could be paid for her knowledge. She began to tutor English and did translations and editing.

Maria now shares, “Knowing that certain types of foreigner jobs were was paid higher to foreigners than to a local person, I made sure to brand and re-package myself according to what the market wanted!”

That is when Maria discovered her ‘Super Power’ and she learned how to use it over and over and over, in business after business to help both herself and others own their greatness and amplify their strengths.

Maria knew she was smart, bold, and strong, and companies and corporations were willing to pay her for her astute perceptions and confident personality.



For the past ten years, Maria has worked with many top corporations and organizations as a communications trainer, keynote speaker, and consultant. She’s also been socially active in several non-profit organizations including the Taipei International Women’s Club and the Rotary Club of Taipei handling publicity, MC, events organizing, and coordination.

In 2017, Maria co-published a book and could be seen in 7 different media outlets including the HuffPost and Addicted2Success.

In July 2018, Maria made the bold move to head back to south-east Asia as her speaking career, and business opportunities in her homeland have taken off. She now offers online programs and specialized packages for business owners and corporations alike. An ambitious millennial money-maverick herself, Maria is excited to help you empower your Millennial Workforce and Increase the Overall Money Mindset of your teams.


Turning Misfits to Leaders

We’re no longer living in a world of ‘specialization’. Today it’s about adaptability and having transferable skills. Most misfits have difficulty leveraging who they are because they focus too much on their specific skill set. Instead, I teach them to see the essence that connects all their soft skills along with their Super Power personality traits and capitalize on them.

International Author

I’ve been published on several media platforms globally. In my speaking engagements, I talk on the topics such as Misfit Empowerment, Millennial Leaders, Money Mindset, Mindset Breakthrough and Manifestation Laws.

Changing lives: Finding true happiness with self & work

For many years there was a mindset shared upon many that told us we must trade off happiness for success, financial freedom for our time. But we know now, with the onset of the information age that you can be happy and have money! There is no need for you to sacrifice one for the other. The key is to getting crystal clear on what you desire and having the courage to create a plan to execute. I can help guide you there.

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She certainly is a good teacher and an inspiration.

I have learnt a lot from the two BootCamps I have taken the past 5 weeks. There is something about Maria’s energy, her enthusiasm and her clarity, and above all, the passion that she exudes through every pore of her being and auras, that moves people.

Adriana Pruneda


Becoming a member of Moon Circle has been very enlightening!

Maria Kathlyn Tan gives so much information plus readings and action steps to the group and individually. She’s amazing! The energy of each new and full moon is powerful, so it’s extremely helpful to receive guidance and explanations of its meaning and what to expect.

Kerri Lewis


In her dictionary, there is no ‘impossible’.

I met Maria at a very special circumstance. She is an extraordinary woman – smart, proactive, highly responsive, full of ideas and full of life! I believe God has given her this magical supernatural powers. In the process of our collaboration, she has always helped me get clear on how I want my business to evolve. She consulted with us on pricing strategy, marketing, entering foreign markets, sales operations… and more! She constantly provided us with great solutions and optimism. I am truly grateful for her guidance. My company has reached where it is today because of her guidance.

Anita Hsieh