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Maria Tan (Maria Kathlyn Tan) is a thought leader, international author, motivational speaker and business coach who mentors “misfits” and “misunderstood geniuses”. Focusing on female entrepreneurs who may not “fit in”, Maria empowers women across the globe  to create success tailored to their lifestyles.

Before coaching online, she was a cross-cultural communications consultant who worked with executives from all over the world and coached over 1000 professionals. Within two years of coaching,  she’s been featured in Huffpost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain and Addicted2Success and was the only Asian woman featured in The Money Code and How to Crack It, a book that debuted at #14 on Amazon.

Maria’s 1000+ clients range from American Ivy-league graduates to diplomats.



Have you ever felt so misunderstood all your life?

…as if your mere existence is an embarrassment for others?

What’s so funny is that all you wanted to do was to share what makes you different.

You scratch your head thinking how crazy it sounds: to be scrutinized for that difference when your whole life you hear people telling you it’s great to be open-minded and pursue opportunities.

That, my friend, is the story of my life.

I was born in a developing country who looked up to colonials, and advocated for the status quo. The message was always:

💔 “Imported is Better.”

💔 “Live the American Dream.”

💔 “Don’t cause trouble”

The irony of it all? I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. And even in my family, living in the US (or Canada or anywhere in the West) was the holy grail.

It didn’t even matter what you’d be doing in the West. You could be a truck driver and that would still be better than staying home and being Filipino.

That belief was so ridiculous that every fiber of my being screamed ‘FAKE NEWS”. My Asian genes couldn’t curb that voice in me that told me there was another way.

For the longest time, I lived life trying to prove everyone wrong.

I was this extremely angry woman who had that chip in the shoulder. I was a ticking bomb that had so many triggers.

I felt second-class to anyone who had a ‘better passport. I had this third-world syndrome where I needed to constantly prove my worth.

I became so addicted to defying odds and proving others wrong. I constantly heard an inner-voice berating me for not doing more, knowing better.

The Devil in my head kept this on the loop:

Well, you do know the Good always wins, don’t you?

When the Devil was finally silenced by this stronger voice in me that told me life didn’t need to only be about proving myself and measuring myself in how much money I make, I started taking actions that felt good.

I started letting the Universe support me – from me taking classes, hiring coaches, seeing healers and more. I no longer felt the need to ‘know it all, do it all’.

In 2016, I decided to close down my consulting company in Taiwan (my home for 14 years). Running that business didn’t feel good anymore.

Whereas in the past, I would have pushed through it, looked at numbers and ignored my feelings, I allowed myself to be truly receptive to that Voice that replaced the Devil. I started implementing what I now call the “Feel Good” strategy.

In 2017, I started serving women from all over the world who wanted to believe in magic, and overcome feelings of unworthiness.

The more vulnerable and receptive I became, the more meaningful each day became.

Within a year, I was featured in HuffPost, Elephant Journal, PickTheBrain, Addicted2Success and other media. (For the full list, please click here).

Today, I cry a lot – not tears of sadness, but of joy and gratitude. Every time I receive a message, or email from a client sharing their good news, sharing how easy & profitable things became just by being sustainable in their authentic expression, a warm glow fills my heart.

I am THE Business Coach for Misfits. I’m the best person for this job because I’ve always been that misfit, that girl who’s just too big, too much, too different, too crazy, too ‘out there’.

Yet despite all the criticisms, I’m THAT GIRL THAT DIDN’T GIVE UP ON HER MAGIC.

Friend, if you’ve ever felt guilted into compromising on who you are, and shrinking your light. Let me tell you this now: PLEASE DON’T.

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She certainly is a good teacher and an inspiration.

I have learnt a lot from the two BootCamps I have taken the past 5 weeks. There is something about Maria’s energy, her enthusiasm and her clarity, and above all, the passion that she exudes through every pore of her being and auras, that moves people.

Adriana Pruneda


Becoming a member of Moon Circle has been very enlightening!

Maria Kathlyn Tan gives so much information plus readings and action steps to the group and individually. She’s amazing! The energy of each new and full moon is powerful, so it’s extremely helpful to receive guidance and explanations of its meaning and what to expect.

Kerri Lewis


In her dictionary, there is no ‘impossible’.

I met Maria at a very special circumstance. She is an extraordinary woman – smart, proactive, highly responsive, full of ideas and full of life! I believe God has given her this magical supernatural powers. In the process of our collaboration, she has always helped me get clear on how I want my business to evolve. She consulted with us on pricing strategy, marketing, entering foreign markets, sales operations… and more! She constantly provided us with great solutions and optimism. I am truly grateful for her guidance. My company has reached where it is today because of her guidance.

Anita Hsieh