Are You Focused On The Right Things?


The past week I was in Manila for my sister’s awards night. She joined a slimming competition and placed first.

During my brief stay there, I was reminded of the importance of focusing on what we want to create and not what we are scared of.

Take my sister for instance, she wore tourmaline undergarments and applied essential oils and slimming gel. In addition to the effort she invested, she also put in money.

She needed to change her undergarments once she outgrew them. And though the idea of spending money frightened her, she didn’t focus too much on that but instead on the goal she had: losing weight and gaining more confidence.

A lot of people spend so much time focusing on what they’re going to lose VS. what they’re going to gain. 

They start thinking about “How nice would it be to have 1,000,000.”

Before they continue on imagining what that money would give them, they start thinking “What a dream!” “Come down to earth now. This is impossible.” “It’s not true. It’s impossible.”

What they are doing is focusing on what they could lose: the hold on “reality” which is usually based on present circumstance

And they don’t focus on what they can gain: the “possibility” which is based on what can come in the near future.

The law of attraction states that we get what we focus on – and the more we focus on fear, on what’s missing and lacking, on what’s not working, the more we magnify those.

Are you focusing on the right thing? Are you coming on what you desire??


Blessing of miracles,