Business Isn’t All that Jazz!

In today’s new normal where everyone wants to be their own boss and do their own thing, it’s so common to avoid or turn your nose up at tasks that don’t seem “sexy” 

… like the mundane stuff

… or the sales-y stuff.


Of course we all want people to come and give us tons of money for doing what we love to do! Who wouldn’t?


But here is the thing: if you want your own thriving business, you’ve got to have an idea of what goes into it. As the leader of your business, you are accountable for every little piece of it—and for every impact it makes—so it’s wise to involve yourself at every level.


This is why Ellen DeGeneres received so much criticism following the allegations of a toxic work environment. As the leader of her team, she is accountable for not only her personal impact on her viewers, but the impact of her company and its environment on her employees.


Maybe it’s not “sexy” to be involved behind the scenes, or to tend to small details, or to pitch yourself to clients, but being a CEO is so much more than maintaining a shiny public presence. 


It’s taking the responsibility to wear any and all of the “hats” at any given time, because every role in your business contributes to the bottom line.