Cash is King, Cash Flow is Queen

Cash. Ouch. It’s something not many of us are comfortable talking about… and something that people tend to associate with hardcore masculine energy (thus “Cash is King”).

With the number of “money mindset” gurus and coaches popping up, you’d think people (especially those opening or running businesses) would feel much more at ease with it.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

In the past few months, I’ve networked with over 500 people from all over the world via Zoom – either 1:1 or through the online events I attended. 

And a lot of the side hustlers and entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to do NOT have a healthy cash flow. Everything is run on credit – because the industry has fed them the “invest in yourself” mentality, pushing them to “take a chance on yourself so the Universe takes a chance on you.”

In fact, a lot of sales coaches tell you to close sales over the phone because it brings a sense of urgency or immediacy to the interaction. Otherwise they say you’ll lose the lead. 

A few of the popular (and highly manipulative) sales scripts that are encouraged include lines like:

“What’s stopping you from investing in yourself?”

“Perhaps this is simply a mindset thing we need to work out.”
“You’ve got to show the Universe that you trust in your magic for Her to trust in you.”

“Let’s make it happen today! Why don’t you take out your credit card and I can wait as you enter your details on your end so I can celebrate with you when the purchase is complete.”

As a result, a lot of people feel the pressure to sign up for things they aren’t ready for (aka no bandwidth and/or capacity), and many run on credit. This may be okay for some if it’s an investment they’re prepared for, but all too often in these cases it’s a move made out of desperation or obligation.

Here’s what every accountant and financial auditor will tell you: 


This is why companies go for IPO – to raise cash.

This is why companies take out loans – to increase cash flow. 

Because CASH can help your business THRIVE and SCALE more easily. 

See, Cash might be King… but Cash FLOW is Queen. The feminine energy of cycles and flow reminds us that we can only grow when we are moving, so money must be both coming in and going out. Most gurus will tell you they had a “7-figure year,” but they won’t mention the details surrounding that income because they aren’t in tune with their flow! (And that 7-figure year might not be as lucrative as it sounds.) 

It’s this healthy balance that allows you to build a profit—not running on the desperate hamster wheel of credit.

If you’re not familiar with how cash is flowing within your business, I suggest hopping on a call with your accountant and asking him/her to explain it to you in simple, accessible terms 

The first step in succeeding in business is creating a healthy relationship with your numbers – including what your cash flow says about you, and where your financial liquidity stands

Numbers aren’t as scary as you might think. Instead of avoiding them, go ahead and let them empower you!”😉