Confession: I don’t work as much as you think I do

People often assume I work a lot. 

I don’t. 

It’s just that when I’m ON, I’m BIG TIME ON.

When I’m resting, I’m totally OFF. 

The reason why many believe I work a lot is because what leaves an impression in their minds is those moments when I’m ON, when they’ve engaged with me one way or another, when they’ve felt my high powered energy.

Many people don’t see the behind-the-scenes. The most crucial reasons as to HOW I can show up BIG TIME ON when I do. 

The biggest lessons I’ve learned in entrepreneurship (and boy, I’ve been doing business since I was six!) lie in the things that most people don’t see.

They’re the willingness to:

  • Be supported
  • Be vulnerable
  • Do things differently
  • Take a step back
  • Stay silent

Most people in the business world glorify “hustle” and “hard work,” and don’t talk too much about being attuned to their own energies and the willingness to make BIG changes in terms of being supported. 

But if you ask every “dynasty” or “empire” maker, the key is not in the “hard work”– it’s in the seizing of the right opportunities, in the saying NO to the wrong things, in the determination to create something different, in the abolishment of limitations and the stretching of comfort zones. 

There will be frustration, of course. It’s part of the process. But the tears you shed today are the seeds of what will one day become your BIG EMPIRE. 

What does the behind-the-scenes look like for you? 

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Hard work isn’t the only way to success!