Don’t be afraid to show up

A few months ago, a fellow coach asked me: 

“What do you get from hopping on coffee calls?” 

She went on to say, “Based on what you’ve achieved and where you are in your business, you actually don’t need to do these calls.”

Exactly. I don’t need to. 

But I want to.

When I hop on calls, I don’t come with the intention of selling anything. 

I just really want to know the other person. 

I’ve always found people fascinating. 

Each has their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. 

And when you really listen, you find a uniqueness inside each person.

That’s why I don’t mind giving 30 minutes of my time – because every person I connect to allows me a unique perspective + experience in life

…because each individual has something unique to offer the world.

This is what scares many: 

“But I don’t know what to do after.”

Honestly? If you’re being truthful with yourself, you know how the relationship can possibly evolve. 

The reason why you feel scared is because you’re a little bit afraid of what the other person would think: 

  • You’re afraid to come off as a loser if you tell the other person you’d like to be their friend.
  • You’re afraid to sound aggressive if you say you can help them through your services.
  • You’re afraid to seem snobbish if you just want to end the call early.

Hate to burst your bubble… but whatever you’re feeling, the other person will also be sensing. 

I’ve made great connections – comrades, collaborators, clients – over coffee chats. In fact, I’ve never felt like I wasted any time doing these calls – even when I’m the one giving something away (like business tip, advice, etc). 

The reason why many find networking difficult is because they try to overthink the conversation too much. 

Sometimes, you just need an open mind when you network.

The more people you come in contact with, the easier it gets for you to gauge if the person you’re talking to is someone you’d like to have as part of your growing circle! 

When you show up, the world shows up with you.