Don’t fake it, become it.

I get why many people think that the only way to get over the impostor syndrome is to fake feeling like an expert (aka “fake it until you make it”)


… because we’re not conditioned to see what makes us special or unique. We’re simply programmed to see our faults and “work on ourselves”.


To imagine being an expert becomes very difficult then. I mean, how can you imagine something you’ve never even considered being? 


It’s like asking people 5000 years ago to think that the world is round and that there is another world outside their local community.


Being an expert doesn’t mean you stop working on your craft. 

It doesn’t mean you are perfect in your ways of doing. 

It doesn’t mean you no longer evolve with time. 


Being an expert is a mindset, a conditioning, an attitude of continuous evolution. 


If you really observe experts, they never stop proving and disproving themselves. They keep evolving with their ideas and engaging in what else is available and possible.


When you think about it, the word “expert” just means someone who’s engaged in their beliefs for a VERY LONG TIME. 


  • Don’t you spend a long time exploring your thoughts and ideas? 
  • Aren’t you conscious of your choices and decisions? 
  • Isn’t one of the reasons for you to read through this is considering a different perspective?

That makes you an expert then – because you’re engaging in what can work or not work, what works and what doesn’t anymore. 


Being an expert isn’t about not having doubts. It’s moving forward despite those doubts.


You’re an expert. Own it. Become it.