Have you ever had your energies cleared and you felt so tired and needed more than a few days to reset?

The reason why you experienced something that felt like a complete ‘overhaul’ of your system is because the way the energy was cleared was done with little precision.

Just like Jenga, energy is layered.

Every piece has its own place in the giant stack. Moving one carelessly can topple the entire thing.

Energy is Layered | Energy Clearing | Maria Tan Success Business and Wealth Coach

When people work with energies, particularly on clearing energies, many focus on pulling out energies or emotional ‘codes’ or ‘memories’ or ‘beliefs’ without further contemplating on how this piece affects the blocks above, below and around it.

Some even rush to take out the ‘root’ of the belief, causing the entire system to crash.

Energy Clearing is Like Playing Jenga | Maria Tan Success Business and Wealth Coach

This is why a lot of people need to take a long time to go through an energetic recalibration after the ‘spiritual clearing/ healing/ unlayering’ they just experienced.

(Imagine playing Jenga, rushing to take out the bottom piece. There is a high chance you cause the entire stack to collapse and end the entire game. If you want to continue playing, you’ll then need to start building everything up again)

Energy clearing is about precision.

It is about looking at the entire system and how one belief / memory / code affects the rest of the other beliefs, ‘coding’, and principles you’ve been living or operating from your entire life.

Precision is necessary to ensure each code, belief or principle is independent from another.

So instead of ‘clearing’ energies and unintentionally causing your whole system to crash, DIS-INTEGRATE, DE-STORY, DE-PROGRAM them instead.

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