Ever heard of JOMO?

November 5, 2018

With the increasing accessibility of social media, an acronym was coined to talk about the incessant need for people to stay connected:

F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out)

This state is what drives people to keep checking their feeds, to say yes to things just because everyone is doing it, to hop on trends and to filter their lives and make it IG perfect so they can be perceived as “living the life”

With the new OS upgrade, Apple is now helping you monitor your screen time – and indirectly suggesting that you spend less time on your phone. This is apparently the same with Samsung (but don’t quote me on this as I’m an iPhone gal)

So why the push for spending less time on phones and why the new acronym JOMO or Joy Of Missing Out?

If you really get nitty gritty on productivity, does being connected all the time make you productive?

Studies show that because of how mobile work has become, boundaries are now blurred. It’s now normal to read emails before people go to bed and as soon as they get up.

This unhealthy habit instills a very toxic programming in everyone’s mind that to be able to produce, one must always be working, working, working.

The downside of this “work, work, work” attitude is the lessened time to be in receptive mode, or in creative mode, where the brain is not so focused and is more relaxed.

The more you spend on your screen, the more your brain is focused. Think about it: people mostly get their best ideas in the shower or when they are doing more routine things like washing the dishes, walking, folding the laundry.

So WHY NOT Miss Out? And enJOY missing out – sometimes?

J.O.M.O. (Joy Of Missing Out) – the new acronym talking about the importance of being disconnected to others and enjoying the “self-space” allows you to stay on your lane and focus on what you actually want VS. what you think you should be doing in FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Here are three possible things you can be ENJOYING when you spend time with yourself:

1. You can count your blessings. When you focus on your own lane, you are more aware of the number of things you actually have VS what you don’t have.

2. You can connect within and really listen to your heart’s desires. Today, “impact” “passion” “purpose” are the buzz words people throw around when they are asked what they want out of life. What’s sad is that not many people actually know what those mean. With so much noise from social media, people can’t seem to find the words to express their desires and unplugging can help connect to that.

3. You can feel happier because you’re less stressed. Believe it or not, when you’re always checking others out on social media, you will be one way or another engaged. You may find yourself angered or intrigued or frustrated by what someone is doing. This adds a lot of stress you don’t really need!

So hop on the JOMO train… and schedule a day to just unplug to connect within!