Focus on the Win

Focus on the Win

I am always boggled whenever new entrepreneurs get so disillusioned and disappointed with themselves after selling “only” one product.


They’re feeling like a failure because they’re certain they did “everything” they should to ready that product.


  • They spent weeks burning the midnight oil.
  • They put all their effort into perfecting its features.
  • They created the highest quality funnel and top-notch systems to deliver a product. 


Here’s the thing: a product is only as good as the number of people that know about it. 


If you have 100 followers, and you sold one product, that’s a 1% conversion. 


You might think, “1% is low.”

But take a look at Ariana Grande, who sold 231k copies of her album Sweetener. You probably think 231k copies is amazing!


Is it, though?
231k out of her 200M followers is only 0.1%. This means your 1% conversion is TEN TIMES BETTER!! 

And it’s a guarantee that more than 200M people know about Ariana Grande, even if they don’t all follow her on social media. That’s why she can easily sell 231k albums. 


Many entrepreneurs beat themselves up for the smallest things – including *only* selling a single product. 

Instead of seeing that single sale a failure, why not see it as a win? Especially if that entrepreneur only has a small following. 


You amplify the energy of whatever you focus on. 

So keep building your audience, and focus on the WIN