Go down memory lane with awe!

October 22, 2018

How often do you find yourself thinking of the things you’ve accomplished?

Whatever your answer is, double that.

People are simply wired to think of lack – we always think of how “broken” we are, how “lacking” we are in many areas in our life.

We become so addicted to doing more and more and more to compensate for what we deem as weakness or as lacking.

Because of this pressure, we end up with different types of exhaustion – mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual.

What can be very healing and grounding is to regularly write about the achievements you’ve had in the last ten years.

This list of “achievements” may include:

trajectory moments in your life
– major decisive factors
– changes you’ve implement
– lessons you’ve learned

Writing them out reminds you of your greatness: your resilience, adaptability, natural abilities, courage and tenacity.

This in turn helps you recenter and pull back a bit from this urge of doing more and more and more to compensate for the lack.

Remembering your greatness makes you center more on the “diamonds” that you already have in you instead of mining for diamonds that may never be found.

When you focus on what makes you special, you will be able to amplify your greatness!