Harry Potter and the CEO Mindset

More than 15 years ago… 

I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter

Life became much more colorful as I took important lessons from this great series.

The most fundamental of these was seeing how being a leader isn’t about age, or status… 

but rather about essence.

Harry Potter was supported by many because he embodied the essence of light and love — of right vs. wrong, of protecting vs. attacking. 

Though the road to fully owning his difference was long, he walked the path, and along the way he allowed himself to be accompanied, supported, and mentored by many.

This, for me, is crucial for every misfit in the world— the willingness to be supported and to support others. 

It reminds me of what Dumbledore told Harry: “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it.” 

This willingness to give and receive is the key factor in achieving success –

  • because success is compounded when support is present 
  • because as we see in any great story that captures our hearts, no great deeds are ever achieved alone
  • because on the way to materializing the vision we see for ourselves, we realize nothing can ever be achieved alone…

Just like entrepreneurship can never be a solo journey.

And if you really think about it and compared the great protagonist Harry Potter with the infamous Voldermort, they’d be day and night as business people. 

Harry Potter embodies the CEO Mindset, while Voldemort is very much of the Everyone Else Mindset. Therefore, if they were to have competing businesses, Harry would thrive while Voldy would quickly burn out. 

Voldemort: prioritizes power

Harry: prioritizes connection

Voldemort: manipulates and exploits his followers

Harry: cultivates a relationship with his followers

Voldemort: feels the need to consistently prove himself and fuel his ego

Harry: knows his worth even when treated horribly by his family

Voldemort functions from a state of limitation, always desiring more (the Elder wand’s power, everlasting life, etc). 

Harry, on the other hand, finds opportunities everywhere (albeit often by happenstance). He is both kind and curious, and is always eager to learn from those that support him. 

What sorts of businesses do you imagine them running if they were everyday entrepreneurs in 2021?