I Got Lost In The Dark and I Found Myself Lit Up


I got lost in the DARK and I found myself LIT UP

This weekend, I went to the mountains to #unplug

I was supposed to go with a friend but something came up and I had to go by myself.

I left the city about 7 or 8 in the evening and took the metro to the terminal. On the way, I kept hearing the words

Expect. Expect. Expect.”

At first I thought it was a message for the group program I’m facilitating. The members had difficulty “trusting” and I get that.

I get that it’s hard to trust that things would turn out okay when life has given you lemon juice over and over again. 

So I thought to myself in the one hour metro ride, “Great message. Expect instead of trust. We expect a lot from ourselves and even when we are put to test, we still manage to handle things in a very good manner be used we expect ourselves to. So why not expect the universe to deliver?”

When I got to the terminal, I decided to take a cab to the hotel instead of taking the bus. It’s really dark and it was my first time to the hotel.

I told the driver La Villa hotel and he took me to LA Villa Cafe. At first I thought nothing of it because the hotel told me they have a restaurant at the lobby.

When I went in the gate, I realized it was quite a fancy restaurant. People were eating good food and drinking good wine.

I asked if someone could show me to the reception and everyone had question marks on their face.

They had no idea what I meant. I called the hotel and they said I went to the wrong place. They are at the other side of the bridge.

I then asked the restaurant if they could call me a cab. No cabs were available and the wait staff told me I could just take the bus to the hotel. She showed me directions to the bus stop.

It was dark but I kept thinking, “well I’m in Taiwan – one of the safest place in the world”

As I kept walking, I kept expecting a taxi to show up. The road was extremely dark but that didn’t deter me from expecting to see a taxi. 

I saw a cab coming from the opposite direction, I waved but it didn’t stop. Then something told me  to look back.

Just like that, a taxi stopped. I hopped in and told the driver the address of the hotel.

Upon checking in, I realized.

All this time, I’ve always expected the universe to hand me what I need and want. Yes I trust that things will be okay. But it’s all because I expected them to.

I never doubted my certainty in my choices and beliefs. Because I expect all the good to happen to me.

In my life, I’ve always intended to do good at all times. So why shouldn’t the universe reciprocate?

Looking back, things didn’t go my way when I had doubts, when I expected things not to. 

So expect the best out of things. Expect that the universe got your back! Expect life to treat you better! 

You deserve it!

Blessing of miracles,