Increase Your Worth, Increase Your Wealth


I honestly never thought it was that easy to get more money for what I do”

This is something that most of my clients tell me.  And I don’t blame them. I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault for undervaluing yourself 

Growing up, we were taught we’re not worth that much. When we ask for something more, we’re told we should first do XYZ before we “deserve” to get something.

Working hard was rewarded with claps and cheers; while lazying around was labeled a “sin” and something that is the equivalent of “goofing off”

Instead of encouraging us to actually explore and reflect on what lights us up, society labeled us and told us to work the system and grind the wheel.

But if you really look at the entrepreneur -extraordinaire, they are the ones that:

1. Think creatively within the boxes they’re in, and think outside the box. They make the best out of the circumstances they’re in

2. Truly believe that their voice matters, their dream matters. Despite the number of rejections, they did the work necessary to have more people “hear” them and get “swayed” to their vision! 

3. They go the extra mile for themselves and what they desire. If they want to talk to someone to pitch their idea, they will sleep on the doorstep of that person if necessary.


Because they believe they are WORTH MORE – they truly believe they are WORTH asking for more – 

They believe that are worth a better house, better life, better money story, better quality of living.

They don’t just want to “get by”.
They want to get better!

And that’s what you should be aiming for:



Blessing of miracles,