Leave the cookie cutters in the kitchen

Everyone wants to be a CEO these days, am I right?
It seems like all you need is a laptop and WiFi to get started.


But here’s the thing: do you want to be a Want-repreneur… or an Entrepreneur?


See, out of all the “CEOs” out there, only a small percentage are making profits— AND are happy with how they’re running their business.


Why is that?
Because so many coaches take a cookie cutter approach!


Maybe you’re thinking…

“I really want to have a thriving business. I just don’t know how.”
“I’ve followed so many people, joined so many groups, but nobody seems to get me.”
“I’ve tried a few coaches, a few programs, joined masterminds, but I just feel so out-of-place.”


You keep finding mentors who tell you that you can’t build a business around what you have in mind. Unfortunately, many coaches take a “my way or the highway” approach, and while “their way” may be helpful to many people, a cookie-cutter model with no flexibility is extremely inefficient and potentially detrimental.


The reason why these coaches are so uncompromising is that they don’t have a broad enough experience to see that there are other ways to do things! They’re teaching THE ONLY WAY THEY KNOW.

Business is not about taking one specific path to success—it’s about honoring who you are, taking control, and creating opportunities to share your vision.