Let’s normalize Being, shall we?

Are you also guilty of being stuck in the grind?

Many carry this belief that working hard, and working a lot can lead to success. 

So they spend the whole day grinding and grinding and grinding. 

What they fail to realize is how important it is to fully realize where you’re headed and which wheel you should be on before even being in the ‘grind’

This is why it’s not that productive to have more things to do. Rather, it is more important to have the ‘right’ things to do, so to speak. 

What’s even more crucial is having that capacity … that bandwidth… to do what’s right, what’s absolutely essential and needed to help propel you to the direction you want to take. 

As a BIG PICTURE strategist, I often remind my clients of where they’re going, of  increasing their capacity to get there, of the need to create space for things to happen. 

Many don’t take the most crucial step of taking a step back and seeing the tapestry of how things connect before taking actions.

This is why many push themselves so hard to get things done or do things ‘right on paper’ (by standards not their own) but not ‘right’ for themselves. 

And I absolutely get it. 

I was always this misfit who wanted something different she couldn’t fully articulate. She felt that she had to defend her every step and prove her worth at every corner.  

…until one day, all her “needing to keep proving herself” led to depression and suicidal thoughts. 

I realized that no willpower is enough to force things to happen

…that the POWER lies in the SPACE you give yourself to imagine, to reflect, to allow. 

Sometimes, the missing step between where you are and where you want to be is the ability to be comfortable in receiving more, reflecting more, realizing more without doing much more!