Life May Bring You to Your Knees, GET UP ANYWAY

November 12, 2018

On Sunday, I went to drop off something at a friend’s place – thinking I’d stay an hour max.

I ended up going to the cinema with them and watching Life Itself.

The movie reminded me of the current decreasing significance placed on resilience.

As more and more emphasis is put on spirituality,  a lot of people have taken hurdles as a “sign from the Universe” that something is “not for them”

The issue with this is that it becomes the easiest “way out” when things get a little persnickety.

For example, you’ve been talking about landing a client for your new coaching program. You tell people that you’re now accepting clients. When someone calls and inquires, and asks for you to send a proposal…

You take offense in this and you wonder why can’t the other person just “trust” you.

This last step is normally where a lot of people drop the ball and say they saw this as a “sign” that it’s “not for them” because if it were, it would be “easy” and things would just “go smoothly”

What’s curious is that whenever I take one of these people a step further into the real reason they didn’t see the process through, the answer is always

What if I’m not good enough?”

Fear and the idea of fear can be extremely paralyzing. It makes people ignore what’s really bothering them and find an easy way out, and in this case, the “this is a sign it’s not for me” becomes the go-to answer.

When I hear this from my clients, I simply tell them –

Why don’t we complete the last step and THEN let the Universe decide if it’s for you or not?

The strongest, most successful and most spiritually aligned people I know are those that have such faith and resilience in life.

They always do their part, and then if they can, take it a step further.

What they don’t do is go on defense when they are questioned.

They don’t take NO as a personal attack against them. They see the NO as NOT NOW.

They always always get up after every stumble and walk a few steps further.

In the movie, “When life brings you to your knees, get up, go further, and you will find love was repeated many times in the last 20 minutes.

This LOVE that the author pertains to is that beautiful surrendering to what is and to allow for what can be evolve into maturity.

You don’t give up on life, ever.

When life brings you to your knees, GET UP ANYWAY. Because down the road is JOY like no other.