One Hour Goes a LONG Way!

I’ve lived in Asia the majority of my life so the concept of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is still something that makes me smile and be reminded at how constantly evolving nature can be.

Whereas 8PM EST used to be just a great time for me to have a client call, 8PM EST now is too rushed, and I had to adjust a bit.

It may seem amusing but this realization that things need to change and that everything need to be worked out again tend to uncenter people and throw them off their game and cause anxiety, frustration and confusion.

Despite change being the only constant in nature, people tend to be complacent with what’s comfortable that they miss out on growth, opportunities and wellbeing.

In my example, had I reacted with panic upon the realization that I had to move my schedule around, I would only be causing myself distress.

I would get flustered, resentful of the fact I needed to make some changes…which then would demotivate me from seeing the light (or the good) of the rest of the day…and leave me stuck in the emotional paralysis of “why can’t the world work with me not against me?”

Instead, I pretty much asked clients if they could adjust, and if not, I simply adjusted. I didn’t overthink about the need to change. I didn’t fret about what my clients would think when they received my request. I didn’t feel resentful that I had to make adjustments.

I was just open to what may need to come and allowed for things to happen the way they should.

But just think of it… my reaction to that one hour could actually make or break my day, my week, my esteem, my mental health and my productivity.

Had I let that small change shake my core, I could have experienced a meltdown.

The next time you experience a need for even the tiniest bit of change, don’t take it personally. Take a deep breath and take the action necessary.

After all, change is the only constant.