This is what your next level looks like:

  • NO MORE HUSTLING. You no longer scramble and keep your fingers crossed hoping that *this time* people will say yes to you.
  • LESS DOING, MORE BEING. You no longer have so many things on your never-ending to-do lists. Instead, you have more time for recreational activities while making the money you need to sustain your lifestyle.
  • GUILT-FREE. You no longer feel guilty about asking for what you’re worth, letting go of the relationships that don’t serve you, and putting yourself first.
  • RELENTLESS COURAGE. You no longer feel deflated whenever you meet unexpected challenges. Instead, you have that strong faith that everything will turn out very well.
  • LASER-FOCUS ON MOVING FORWARD. You no longer get distracted by things that don’t really add value to you. Because of that, you have a very strong presence that can literally move mountains.

But unfortunately, this isn't your reality yet.

You're simply too overwhelmed by being so much in your business, you are at your wit's end on how to move forward. And you need help. You know that...

Being a CEO isn’t child’s play. It takes a strong heart & mind, clear vision, solid strategy and an implementable game plan.

That's what you want. This is where ELEVATE comes in.

It is a 6-week group coaching bootcamp program where you easily step into your CEO shoes, and turn your “side-hustle” into a “sustainable and lucrative business”.

In 6 weeks, you will:

  • DEVELOP THE CEO MINDSET. You‘re going to do the inner-work needed for you to always see the big picture, while not missing out on the details that matter.
  • GET CRYSTAL CLEAR ON WHAT YOU OFFER. You‘re going to be focus on you, and not overly worried about what the “competition” or the “market” is doing.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR CASH COWS AND MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES. You’ll no longer leave money on the table. You‘re going to build sustainability by focusing your efforts on the key activities that actually bring money.
  • MASTER YOUR MESSAGING. You‘ll be crystal clear on who you’re talking to, what they’re going through and how they’re going to say yes to you.
  • GET VERY COMFORTABLE WITH SALES AND MARKETING. You're going to develop a solid marketing strategy and commit to sales activities that convert.
  • CREATE CONSISTENCY WITH EASE. You’ll see consistent growth without feeling guilty for lazying around binge-watching Netflix or taking a day off when you want to.

The Modules

  • Module 1: MINDSET You’ll do an audit of your current mindset, while identifying the gaps between your current mindset and the mindset of a CEO who has a clear vision and measurable intentions. You’ll learn bridge those gaps using both scientific & spiritual *hacks*. Remember: you can’t build an empire using the mindset of a street vendor.
  • Module 2: MARKET You’ll clearly define your *special power* and what problems your offers solve. You’ll be able to pinpoint the opportunities in the market where you can stand out and excel. You’ll learn how to communicate in simple, layman’s terms so that you don’t confuse your audience. Remember: a confused audience don’t buy.
  • Module 3: MONEY You’ll go deep into your relationship with money and see how your perceived lack of money limits your growth. You’ll learn to get comfortable with money. You’ll identify your money-making activities and understand how you’re leaving money on the table. You’ll know how to make more with less effort. Remember: every “rich” and “successful” person doesn’t shy away from money talks!
  • Module 4: MESSAGING You’ll learn to identify who you’re talking to and speak their language. You’ll learn how to show up, step up and standout to reach your audience and grow your following. Remember: you got to care enough about your audience to learn their language!
  • Module 5: MARKETING and SALES You’ll learn how to leverage very good marketing while not forego actual sales. You’ll get very comfortable with closing sales - ensuring you keep your doors open today and keep your business thriving for a long time! Remember: a beautiful website doesn’t translate to cash
  • Module 6: MIRACLES How do you keep your business thriving? By ensuring you create “miracles” for your stakeholders. Everybody should be your ambassador: people working for you and the people you’re working for. You’ll learn the HOW of consistently building onto the business basics you’ve learned ensuring you create strong customer loyalty and being the go-to in your niche. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Your clients are waiting for you to step up, show up and stand out. Don’t let them down by keeping your side hustle a “side gig”.

The Details:

  • FACEBOOK GROUP - Everything will be accessed in a secret Facebook group
  • WEEKLY TRAININGS - You will receive a video training with a worksheet to help you map out your business.
  • REGULAR CHECK-INS - This isn’t a program where you drop the ball or feel lonely in your journey. Expect a response time of 24-48 hours, weekends included.
  • WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS - You get time to share with the others how you’re doing, what you’re working on and personalized feedback on little tweaks to ensure success.

This is a bootcamp-style group coaching program.

Get started now. Sign up above to join the waiting list for the new batch.



Maria, also called Miracle Maria by her clients for her no non-sense, no-fluff method of elevating her clients’ lives and businesses, is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, international speaker and corporate trainer.

She has coached more than 1000 people from different walks of life throughout her career. An entrepreneur from the age of six, she has an uncanny sense of what works and what doesn’t. A highly spiritual person, Maria helps her clients fully live their purpose by creating a lifestyle around who they are.

what others have to say about working with maria


Working with Maria has been a real pleasure and eye opener.

She is extremely amiable and easy to work with. Her 'intuitive and honest approach' is also very refreshing. She does not beat around the bush and tells you as it is to help you resolve it. Ultimately you have all the answers within you and Maria helps you think more deeply about pressing problems/behaviours/concerns to pinpoint the real root of these. I am really enjoying my sessions and feel I am evolving and become much more confident, loving and strong about the type of person I am and more importantly on how to get the best out of me. She is a multi-faceted miracle maker and this is why I love working with her. She can draw into her many 'hats'be it intuition, energy, healer, psychic, affirmation maker, career coach. I have not met anyone like her-she is truly unique!

Kam Watson


She certainly is a good teacher and an inspiration.

I have learnt a lot from the two BootCamps I have taken the past 5 weeks. There is something about Maria’s energy, her enthusiasm and her clarity, and above all, the passion that she exudes through every pore of her being and auras, that moves people.

Adriana Pruneda


Working 1:1 with Maria is a DREAM.

I appreciate her balance of strategy and spirituality. After our sessions, I know exactly what action steps I need to take to grow my business. Sometimes they are HARD steps, and I am so grateful for Maria’s phenomenal support in between sessions— It helps me to stay focused and keep going! Maria constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new ways of “being in the business of me.” It is uncomfortable, but I have found that taking the risks and trying the new business strategies that Maria suggests has had huge results. I have had more movement in my business in the past few months than I have in the past year. Progress feels sustainable, and, personally, I feel my confidence as a business woman growing. I felt really scattered and unfocused when we started working together, and Maria helped me to see how all the different activities I loved connected to my core essence. I was SO WORRIED I was going to have to give-up things to build my business, but instead I am learning how to tune-in to my essence and explore how all the moving parts and seemingly disjointed activities of my business actually connect and work together. My relationships with time and money have changed as a result of our work together, and I have found that I am WAY more productive and have energy for all the things I love. If you are ready to take action and start putting your business out there, Maria is the coach for you.

Kirsten Lee Hill

My clients are willing to pay up to 10 times the amount they invested -


I would have paid 1300 for a 247 USD course!

My biggest takeaway was that I am more than my money beliefs. I am more than I have allowed myself to be because I believed that somehow not having money made me less than a good person, not worth hearing, having no voice. Thank you for this new freedom Maria. It's been an incredible six months with you!

Wende Fahey


In her dictionary, there is no ‘impossible’.

I met Maria at a very special circumstance. She is an extraordinary woman – smart, proactive, highly responsive, full of ideas and full of life! I believe God has given her this magical supernatural powers. In the process of our collaboration, she has always helped me get clear on how I want my business to evolve. She consulted with us on pricing strategy, marketing, entering foreign markets, sales operations… and more! She constantly provided us with great solutions and optimism. I am truly grateful for her guidance. My company has reached where it is today because of her guidance.

Anita Hsieh


She is a healer, a psychic, a no other...she's definitely a miracle maker!

Working with Maria has been lifechanging for me. At first, it was to help me build my business but throughout the time, she helped me with my day job, my relationships, my family... She is excellent at holding space for me to express myself but she also calls me out when needed. She is always there to answer my questions. The best decision was to work with Maria! Don't hesitate if you feel attracted to work with her.

Theany Chan

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This is for you if you're:

  • tired of working for other people and want to create a freedom business lifestyle that allows you to do the thing that you love the most and get paid for it.
  • a creative or an artist who's tired of making peanuts for your work.
  • wanting to turn your side hustle into serious money-making business.
  • planning to live a laptop lifestyle where no limits are set on the place you work at, and the times you work.
  • thinking to make sustainable changes and have the support while doing so.

What if I don't have a business yet?

  • Even better. You get the REAL DEAL on what it really takes to be profitable and sustainable. With today's economic climate, it's better if you know what you have to offer and how to eloquently communicate that in every part of your life.

What is the set-up here?

  • Facebook Group - Everything will be accessed in a secret Facebook group
  • Weekly Trainings - You will receive a video training with a worksheet to help you map out your business.
  • Regular check-ins - This isn’t a program where you drop the ball or feel lonely in your journey. Expect a response time of 24-48 hours, weekends included.
  • High-Vibe Support within the Group - You will receive support from Maria and all the other participants on your needs. You will feel understood and you will have a high vibe contained safe space to echo your fears and bust through them

What if I can’t watch the weekly video on time?

  • You can watch it anytime of the day and respond accordingly. Normally, we’ll have people from all over the world, so you’ll never feel like you’re behind!

What is my time-commitment?

  • 1-2 hours a week

Will everything be confidential? I worry about my privacy?

  • Only you and the other participants will have access to what you’ve shared in the group

Will Maria answer my questions if I have any? Will Maria respond and share her insights on what I share in the group?

  • Yes. The private Fb group is the space allotted for all the questions

When do we start?

  • We'll announce the next sessions soon so stay tuned!

Turn Your Side Hustle to a Sustainable Business TODAY. Choose your plan