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So you’ve started a business...

And hired a coach.
And created your programs.
And joined a mastermind.
And hustled like crazy.


You consistently

✓ Visualize
✓ Journal
✓ Strategize
✓ Take action
✓ Reach out to clients
✓ Post great content


Why is it still hard?

Why can’t you just have the 5 figure launches others do?
Why do you freeze when someone asks you what you do?
Why are you triggered when someone is just super focused and clear about what to do and where to go?

You’ve done everything you could.

You’ve surrendered the HOW.
You’ve walked your path.
You’ve tried your best to put on your blinders.
You’ve forced yourself to be happy for other people’s success.

So WHY? Why can’t you seem to materialize the successes you crave for?

And yes, in as much as you want to give yourself a pat in the back for doing your best, you actually want to see TANGIBLE RESULTS.

Hi! I’m Maria

I'm a Success and Business Coach for entrepreneurs like you who simply want to create an eco-system around who you are and what you offer.

To see tangible results, you have to go beyond thinking big and doing big. You have to really EMBODY to BECOME that CEO PERSONA

... and to STEP UP, SHOW UP, STAND OUT with that embodied CEO Persona that will really transcend your business to an extremely different level.

EMBODY is an energetic container where you get to bootcamp on:

  • TRIMMING YOUR TO-DO LISTS so that you focus on the things that generate sustainable results
  • CERTAINTY ON WHAT YOU OFFER so that you have grounded in confidence in what you’re creating, who you’re speaking to and how you’re connecting to your audience
  • UNFILTERING YOUR VOICE so that you don’t sound like everyone else and really communicate in the way that’s authentic to you

In 21 days, you will shift the way you

  • run a business. You’ll go from a lemonade stand (or a garage sale) - hustling all the time - to running a Fortune 500 where you can take a hiatus with your income intact.
  • see your business. You’ll no longer “wish for the best” and hope for the next big sale. You’ll see beyond your first 100 sales and map out clear short term & long term business (not only sales) goals.
  • execute. You‘ll no longer run a to-do list. You’ll no longer get caught up in Instagram rat race - worried that someone unfollowed you. You‘ll run a business.
  • present yourself. You‘ll no longer feel triggered by others’ objections and successes. You’ll be able to articulate yourself well and use your audience’s language to connect to them.
  • feel about money. You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed talking about numbers. You’ll feel comfortable making the *right* investments and the right time.

This is what you get:

  • Daily Prompts
  • Daily Training Video (1-minute only)
  • FB Group
  • Real Time Feedback

I’ve built my business with the intention to go public by 2024. And I’ve already had investors line up.

My friend Eric once told his wife, a CFO for a multinational company, this about me:

“I’ll never work for Maria. I’ll invest in her. So I’ll never work a day in my life anymore.”

Do you want investors today? Don’t you want to fully step into your CEO shoes?

What others are saying about Maria


I would have paid 1300 for a 247 USD course!

My biggest takeaway was that I am more than my money beliefs. I am more than I have allowed myself to be because I believed that somehow not having money made me less than a good person, not worth hearing, having no voice. Thank you for this new freedom Maria. It's been an incredible six months with you!

Wende Fahey


Hiring Maria as my business coach is the best business decision I've ever made.

I went from being on government subsidy to making 6 figures. The best part of working with her is her combination of strategy and spirituality. I never felt I have to compromise on what I want. I'm consistently taking big leaps in my business and life.

Kirsten Lee Hill

Fahd Sharaf

Maria is an outstanding educator who empowers her followers.

She provided me the solid training in pedagogical methods along with great energy and enthusiasm. Maria brings exciting new ideas to life. Maria also impressed me with her commitment to lifelong learning. She is charismatic and creative, and she thinks outside the box. Maria has my highest recommendation and I look forward to learning more about the accomplishments that lie in her professional future.

Fahd Sharaf
Saudi Arabia


Working with Maria has been a real pleasure and eye opener.

She is extremely amiable and easy to work with. Her 'intuitive and honest approach' is also very refreshing. She does not beat around the bush and tells you as it is to help you resolve it. Ultimately you have all the answers within you and Maria helps you think more deeply about pressing problems/behaviours/concerns to pinpoint the real root of these. I am really enjoying my sessions and feel I am evolving and become much more confident, loving and strong about the type of person I am and more importantly on how to get the best out of me. She is a multi-faceted miracle maker and this is why I love working with her. She can draw into her many 'hats'be it intuition, energy, healer, psychic, affirmation maker, career coach. I have not met anyone like her-she is truly unique!

Kam Watson

What my inbox looks like


This is for you if you’re

  • Tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall and want to create & follow a strategy that works for you.
  • Open to doing less but creating more impact and income in your business.
  • Not looking to mimic other people’s success because you can have our own.
  • Unique in your perspective and is ready to share that unique way of looking at things with others.
  • Looking to create breakthrough results that are sustainable and long-lasting.
  • Ready to say goodbye to people that don’t add value to you and instead focus on those that you can serve today.

What if I can’t watch the daily video on time?

  • You can watch it anytime of the day and respond accordingly. Normally, we’ll have people from all over the world, so you’ll never feel like you’re behind!

What is my time-commitment?

  • 15-20 minutes a day.

Will everything be confidential? I worry about my privacy?

  • Only you and the other participants will have access to what you’ve shared in the group.

Will Maria answer my questions if I have any? Will Maria respond and share her insights on what I share in the group?

  • Yes. The private Fb group is the space allotted for all the questions. You will receive customized feedback within 24-48 hours.

When do we start?

  • To be announced

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