Don’t you know the COST of living someone else’s life and trying so hard to mimic others’ successes?

Maria Tan | Success Coach | Elevating You

EMERGE and Elevate Your Essence TODAY!

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Let me break it down for you:

1. TIME that you’d never make back

You’d have spent so much time running after someone else’s definition of what a successful coach, artist, entrepreneur, light worker and public figure should look like.

You’d be copying what they’re doing in the *hopes* of getting a fraction of their success.

You’d be consuming their content - wishing with all your might to crack their “code” to a 5 or 6 or 7-figure year

2. MONEY that you could have spent on things that actually propel you forward to your version of success

You’d be guilted into spending money and investing on your “business”, “passion”, “calling” because it’s “safe to invest in you” and that you need to spend money to make money

3. CONFIDENCE that you’d need to rebuild once more

You’d have crushed your confidence and given away your power for feeling extremely bad about WHY you can’t do what others are doing and why others can achieve what you can’t

Those 3 are just the tip of the iceberg.

Being someone else, doing something that’s not aligned with you, trying hard to mimic others' successes

... is like asking the apple to be the banana

Both grow on trees
Both need sunlight, water, air and soil
But the amount of sunlight, water, air and soil is different.
They are cared for differently and
They bruise differently
They look, smell, feel and taste different

This is why the apple can never be treated like the banana

And this is why you can’t live your life trying to be someone else, mimicking someone’s success, sounding like someone else and doing what someone is doing ...because what works for that someone will always be different from what works for you!

Why ?

Why would you subject yourself to such pain of comparison and inauthentic living?

Hi! I’m Maria

Maria Tan Success Coach
I’m an extremely unique person because I can never fit in any box.. I’m a woman of so many contradictions and I love everything that makes me weird...

Because I simply own up to my “weirdness”, the rest of the world has no choice but to accept me - in me they see someone certain of who she is, very comfortable in her own skin

I can list down all the things I’ve done and become but I’d rather tell you this:

I can help you fully Emerge as your most authentic expression. Let me help you Elevate Your Essence so that you can start BEing You, DOing You and Staying You

Emerge is a 28 day container

that includes 11 mini-training videos and prompts spread over 21 days and 1 30-minute 1:1 alignment call done in the last 7 days for best integration.

You will:

  • Learn HOW to BE YOU . The first week is about YOU rediscovering yourself, reconnecting to what’s in your heart and re-establishing your voice.
  • Learn HOW to DO YOU. The second week is aboutYOU rediscovering and re-integrating what set up works for you, how you create your projects and how you connect with others.
  • Learn HOW to STAY YOU. The third week is about YOU learning and-establishing healthy boundaries so that you can protect your energy and continuously elevate your life.
  • ALIGN with what makes you YOU. The fourth week will be YOU integrating everything through a 1:1 alignment call with me where we bust whatever blocks and resistance that are still coming.

At the end of the program, you will:

  • feel so liberated because you’re simply being you.
  • be so centered and certain of your purpose and what it is you truly desire.
  • create from a place of joy and simply focus on sharing your message with the rest of the world.
  • get so in touch and align with your heart and soul that it will be easy for recentering when challenges come
  • work with your dominant element energies and create with ease
  • do less of what doesn’t work for you and simply be more of who you really are and embody the Magic that’s already deep inside you

I dare you Emerge because the rest of the world has been waiting for you.

Sign up and take one of the few slots available for this program.

I can’t wait to see you be-come!

Maria Tan | Success Coach | Elevating You

EMERGE and Elevate Your Essence TODAY!

Choose the payment plan that works for you

Option 1:
Most Flexible:
Option 2:
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This is for you if you:

  • are tired of living someone else’s definition of success
  • have been burnt by other coaches because those coaches simply didn’t “get” you - or chose not to
  • want to follow what works for you and achieve a great level of success
  • are aligned action takers and want to stay true to who you are
  • listen to your gut and need help trusting your sixth sense
  • want to fully accept who you are at core - and express your BEing in its entirety
  • want to create a business that feels good and does better
  • want to make an impact by being the inspiration and aspiration
  • are about authenticity - you are about genuine connections and real, raw emotions
  • are fed up being told you can’t be someone MORE - someone DIFFERENT

What it’s like working with Maria:


Hiring Maria as my business coach is the best business decision I've ever made.

I went from being on government subsidy to making 6 figures. The best part of working with her is her combination of strategy and spirituality. I never felt I have to compromise on what I want. I'm consistently taking big leaps in my business and life.

Kirsten Lee Hill

I never imagine I would reach my goals SO FAST.

Only in December, I was feeling overwhelmed and look how much I have grown in just 3 quarters. I am delivering amazing results with laser focus precision. I feel completely aligned with my soul in this moment and it's an amazing feeling! Thank you for teaching me to have healthy boundaries, be assertive and be more direct with asking for what I want.

Betty Dang


Working with Maria has been a real pleasure and eye opener.

She is extremely amiable and easy to work with. Her 'intuitive and honest approach' is also very refreshing. She does not beat around the bush and tells you as it is to help you resolve it. Ultimately you have all the answers within you and Maria helps you think more deeply about pressing problems/behaviours/concerns to pinpoint the real root of these. I am really enjoying my sessions and feel I am evolving and become much more confident, loving and strong about the type of person I am and more importantly on how to get the best out of me. She is a multi-faceted miracle maker and this is why I love working with her. She can draw into her many 'hats'be it intuition, energy, healer, psychic, affirmation maker, career coach. I have not met anyone like her-she is truly unique!

Kam Watson

Maria really does create magic!

Your energy, and the energy circle that you created for this made me feel so supported and I had so many breakthroughs in this time it was truly amazing! Thank you so so much Maria!

Marcela Lista

Maria works intuitively, backing up her insights with experiences both personal and from working with other clients.

Not only was our conversation detailed, Maria followed up our discussion with a detailed email, listing the points she had made, what we discussed in our conversation, providing links and suggestions and other helpful resources.

Louise Fox

Maria is the perfect description of entrepreneurship and dedication.

Her brilliance shines inside and out! She is wise beyond her years and I'm proud to have her as my coach and friend.
I love the way she works!

Robin Caroll


Maria is certainly a good teacher and an inspiration.

I have learnt a lot from the two "bootcamps” I have taken the past 5 weeks. There is something about your energy, your enthusiasm and your clarity, and above all, the passion that you exude through every pore of your being and auras, that moves people.

Adriana Pruneda

Maria Tan | Success Coach | Elevating You

EMERGE and Elevate Your Essence TODAY!

Choose the payment plan that works for you

Option 1:
Most Flexible:
Option 2:
Best Value:

In this high-vibe container, you will:

  • gain access to a private group where you get to share your reflections and have María individually coach you on elevating your essence and rediscovering what makes you you
  • connect with like-minded go-getters who are not afraid to share their challenges and receive help
  • receive 11 video trainings and prompts which will help you reconnect with your truest essence and elevate to your highest self
  • have a thirty minute 1:1 alignment call with Maria and bust all your blocks and hesitation so that you can easily integrate your best self
  • get your questions answered in real time so that you’ll have the best support needed during this time of Emergence


What if I can’t watch the daily video on time?

  • You can watch it anytime of the day and respond accordingly. Normally, we’ll have people from all over the world, so you’ll never feel like you’re behind!

What is my time-commitment?

  • 15-20 minutes a day.

Will everything be confidential? I worry about my privacy?

  • Only you and the other participants will have access to what you’ve shared in the group.

Will Maria answer my questions if I have any? Will Maria respond and share her insights on what I share in the group?

  • Yes. The private Fb group is the space allotted for all the questions. You will receive customized feedback within 24-48 hours.

When do we start?

  • To be announced