You know you’ve got what it takes.

You know you’re ready to set the world on fire and offer your services.
You’re ready to STEP UP, SHOW UP & STAND OUT.

You’ve even started talking about it.
You love sharing about what you can do for your client.
Your eyes light up when you connect to a potential client.

You listen with your heart.
You speak from your heart.

And your client connects to that.

But when it comes to talking about the price... you simply freeze.

You can’t seem to put a $ value to what you offer.

Or, you undervalue yourself but overgive.

You can’t help it. You’re simply wired that way. You love to give.

It would also be great to receive the “right” compensation.

You deliver results.
In fact, you know you’re better than what’s available out there.

But you just can’t get yourself to ask for more...

Hi! I’m Maria

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I'm a Success Coach for purpose-based Entrepreneurs like you who simply want to be compensated properly for what you offer.

I’ve worked with several entrepreneurs on helping them create an entire eco-system around who they are and what they offer. In doing so, I’ve helped them also get extremely comfortable with money - asking for money, talking about money and making money work for them.

I want to help you do the same. I want money to be the least of your problems and attain a true wealthy mindset and bank account.

In Enriched - a 21 day container - we are going to reset your relationship with money!

This is for you if you want to:

  • Think, Feel and Grow Rich - You will start having the mindset of a millionaire, the energetic receptivity of someone connected to Source, and easily integrate money-energy in everything you do
  • Recalibrate Your Money Programming - You will see yourself worthy of the new stories you’re creating. You will move past the old traumas and dramas you have associated with money.
  • Charge Your Worth - You will say goodbye to feeling sorry for not being “good enough” and charging peanuts for your work.
  • Discover the Real Secret to Making Money Your Partner - You will learn how to effortlessly make money work for you.
  • Avoid Money Leaks - You will escape the trap of living in a money pattern that’s unhealthy.
  • Discover the Secret to Elevating your Money Energy Fast - You will know how to shift your energy with money in any situation you’ll meet.

In this high-vibe container, you will:

  • gain access to a private group where you get to share your reflections and have María individually coach you on expanding your wealth center
  • connect with like-minded go-getters who are not afraid to share their challenges and receive help
  • receive daily money “prompts” that allow you to gain more awareness into your current relationship with money
  • feel a deep sense of freedom and have the mentality of a millionnaire
  • receive easily actionable tips to have more money in real time
  • get your questions answered in real time

What others are saying about Maria

This program made me look at my money patterns from a different perspective.

As always, very much appreciate individualized feedback Maria provides. It is invaluable. This particular program also provided an opportunity for me to look at my own money patterns and energy from a different perspective than I usually had before. Thank you!

SJ Yoon


Maria is certainly a good teacher and an inspiration.

I have learnt a lot from the two "bootcamps” I have taken the past 5 weeks. There is something about your energy, your enthusiasm and your clarity, and above all, the passion that you exude through every pore of your being and auras, that moves people.

Adriana Pruneda

Maria really does create magic!

Your energy, and the energy circle that you created for this made me feel so supported and I had so many breakthroughs in this time it was truly amazing! Thank you so so much Maria!

Marcela Lista


I would have paid 1300 for a 247 USD course!

My biggest takeaway was that I am more than my money beliefs. I am more than I have allowed myself to be because I believed that somehow not having money made me less than a good person, not worth hearing, having no voice. Thank you for this new freedom Maria. It's been an incredible six months with you!

Wende Fahey

What my inbox looks like


What if I can’t watch the daily video on time?

  • You can watch it anytime of the day and respond accordingly. Normally, we’ll have people from all over the world, so you’ll never feel like you’re behind!

What is my time-commitment?

  • 15-20 minutes a day.

Will everything be confidential? I worry about my privacy?

  • Only you and the other participants will have access to what you’ve shared in the group.

Will Maria answer my questions if I have any? Will Maria respond and share her insights on what I share in the group?

  • Yes. The private Fb group is the space allotted for all the questions. You will receive customized feedback within 24-48 hours.

When do we start?