Sales isn’t something you should be scared of

Sales has this bad reputation of being pushy and tacky, which is why though many dream of someday being their own bosses, the idea of sales can deter them from taking action in setting up their own businesses.

It’s not uncommon to hear the following phrases from many –

“I find sales pushy.”

“I’m bad at sales.”

“Nobody wants to buy from me.”

“I don’t know how to sell.”

“I can’t memorize a sales script.”

The above are just examples of the self-limitations many imposed on themselves that serve as deterrent to their entrepreneurial path.

What many people don’t know is that sales has nothing to do with being pushy, pretentious and persuasive.

Sales is simply matching two parties – a person to a product or service that will bring them joy the same way it does you.

Let me go further into saying that sales can be a very intimate process where your product or service can help the other party change something in their lives.

It’s understandable how frustrating it can be to see sales as something positive when you’ve seen people manipulate others into buying products or services that may not even help them.

But remember this: you don’t need to be sleazy to sell.

The best business people are not the ones that are the pushiest sales people. They’re the ones that know when to give the other party space and time. They’re the ones that know when the right time is. They’re the ones that know which people would benefit from their offer the most.

Great businesses last because they’re given a lot of thought. They aren’t a result of short-term short-sighted pushy sales tactics that only focus on immediate gains.

Write this down somewhere –

You can thrive in business without being pushy in sales! 

Everytime you feel like giving up on being an entrepreneur, always remember that you can choose HOW you sell.

Keep in mind that what matters is not how good you are at sales, but how strong your desire to be your own boss is and how clear your business vision is.