Shielding With “Thank You”


My oldest friends once told me how “zen” I’ve become –

I rarely go into big arguments.
I mostly take the high road.
I hardly ever respond to nasty comments.

In fact, my immediate response is always “Thank you for your feedback”.Sometimes I say this in my mind and sometimes I say this out loud.

It may sound strange, but “thank you” is actually the best form of energetic defense we can have. 
With Spiritual Practice and Awareness being more and more popular, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase “energy drain”.

Energetically drained is our state when we are recently exposed to negativity.

Imagine this – you are minding your own business when someone comes to you and in a very mean manner…say –

“Who do you think you are wearing that dress?”

Your immediate reaction is “Huh? What just happened? “

You then go back to minding your own business.

But u can’t. That statement bothered you and you didn’t even get a chance to reply because that person just disappeared after saying that nasty comment.

So you ponder and ponder. You get angry. You get frustrated. You get confused.

Finally you get energetically drained.

After a few weeks, that is still in the back of your mind. So you double-guess yourself when you choose your clothes.

Or you intentionally dress down.

On the other hand, your response to that person could be a defensive remark instead of silence.

You react with “What do you mean? Why are you saying this? I can wear this because XYZ”

You then end up overly explaining.

Then you feel extremely tired. You say to yourself it doesn’t matter what that person say.

But it does. You feel angry. And you justify again to someone else. Or to yourself.

Sooner or later, you end up energetically drained: something bothers you and you know something’s off with your “chi”.

In the Philippines where I’m originally from, there is a traditional belief that people can get “usog” – a state of discomfort brought by someone giving them an evil eye  (“masamang mata”) or evil wind (“masamang hangin”). The normal response would be to say “puera usog” to divert the “evil eye” or “evil wind” or have someone touch the stomach with saliva.

I used to disregard this belief until I got deep into  learning about energy work.

The one thing I realized about energy is that everything can affect us especially when we do not consciously ground and center ourselves.

A colleague’s or a family member’s bad mood can also put us off and make us feel strange for the rest of the day. 

A comment like the above “who do you think you are wearing that dress?” can affect our “chi” in a very bad way. 

Thank you – a phrase that energetically vibrates at a high frequency because of the abundant state of gratitude – can be used to counter negativity.
By saying thank you, we are also saying “No, Thank You.”

This changes the energy as it shifts everything back to us – that we can choose to accept or reject things happening to us.

That centering and grounding help us anchor more into our energy and less likely to be much affected by the circumstance outside our control.

The next time you get an unwelcomed comment, think “thank you, but no”. 

Thought counts too! It is the intention that matters!

Blessing of miracles,