Are you sitting on a billion-dollar idea and not know it?

In today’s world where self-development has become the norm, ‘finding and living your purpose’ is the ultimate ‘holy grail’. 


This is why feeling inspired and purposeful is on TOP of everyone’s must-do / must-have list for the day.


Emails are flooded with tips on how to find inspiration.

Social media is bombarded with inspirational memes.


You’ve most likely saved inspirational messages, affirmations and photos on your phone.

Heck, you’ve probably placed several ‘affirmation’ or ‘inspirational’ reminders all over your home and workplace.


So why haven’t you found THE billion-dollar idea that would revolutionize the world, and would in turn give you the ‘life you deserve’? 


(HINT: The reason is right in front of you)


With so much focus and hype over wanting to be inspired ALL THE TIME, any feeling that makes you uncomfortable is labeled ‘negative’ or ‘triggering’.


Hence, you naturally will want to get out of any state of discomfort instead of looking at what’s lying underneath. 


Many underestimate the “hidden gem” of being stuck, confused and lost. What they (and probably you) don’t realize is that the best ideas come from frustrations.


Think of Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.


She created a billion dollar empire out of her frustration. She hated looking bad in white pants. 


Instead of avoiding the purchase of white pants, she faced her discomfort with white pants and found a way to creatively ‘fix’ her problem and ‘fill’ her need.


She used her savings, created an undergarment to make her look good in white pants, and then shared this with a few people. 


Fast forward to today, she‘s created a movement where women of all backgrounds could feel comfortable wearing anything they normally wouldn’t. 


Here’s the one thing you need to keep in mind: 


Whatever you’re frustrated about, someone somewhere in this world is experiencing that same frustration.


This can’t be helped because we’re all interconnected beings. This is the reason why trends happen – because people share the same needs. 


To go about finding your billion-dollar idea, ask yourself;


“What is my biggest frustration right now?”

“Why am I frustrated about it?”

“What do I want to have/do/feel instead’ 

“What do I want to do about it?”

“How do I create a solution around it?”


Imagine creating THE solution to the frustration you and many others are experiencing – how many people would feel so good because you created the ‘holy grail’ to all their problems?


Are you already feeling good doing the thing that helps people and allows you to ‘live the life you deserve’? 


So take out a pen and a paper, write your answers to the questions above. Stay with your frustration (even if it takes a superhuman effort to do so) and then come up with a solution that both fix your frustration and fill your desire.