Stop outsmarting the market – it’s costing you money.

Trying to figure out what the market wants is really exhausting. 

So why is there so much information telling you that you need to ‘figure out what the market wants”?

Because people like to sound smart, to look smart. 

And most of the time, people want to be safe, to produce a product that’s safe – that will work, that will sell.

Here’s a secret: much of the time, the market doesn’t have a clue on what it wants.

This is especially true for things that are completely innovative and different.

Let’s take a brief stroll into the history books and check out the Wright brothers. 

Do you think they spent time and energy asking people if they were interested in a vehicle that could fly? 

Of course not. Back then, folks could hardly even imagine the idea of flight, much less have a desire for a flying machine. 

But the Wright Brothers didn’t let their current reality (of people most likely thinking they’re crazy to want to fly) stop them, and look where we are now!

If you have a business, especially a new one, and you’re ready to offer the world something super original, I urge you to hold onto that dream and NEVER Share it with people who won’t ‘get’ you.

Instead, find a community that is open to new ideas, to new ways of doing things, to new ways of Being.