Struggle isn’t the only way to succeeding in business

Business Coach for Misfits | Maria Tan

Entrepreneurship is NOT about hard work. It’s about being empowered to: 

  • try something new⁣
  • integrate things fast ⁣
  • make mistakes ⁣
  • learn from others ⁣
  • jump into the unknown⁣

Consider this: If the business is only about hard work, why is it that more than 70% of businesses fail? 

Working more, trying harder, doing ‘better’ doesn’t necessarily produce forward-moving results. In fact, working more and harder often results in ‘more of the same thing.’ 

And if your business is already suffocating or struggling, it goes without saying that the result will most likely be more struggle. 

The thing about business that not many ‘experts’ tell you is this:
To get breakthrough results, you have to think differently, and see things differently.

It starts with you taking a step back and asking yourself which pieces of your business no longer feel aligned with you, or which pieces never brought you joy.

Evaluate those pieces. 

  • If they are absolutely necessary like bookkeeping OR content creation, assess if you can outsource them. Or, learn to see the good in them by focusing on the results they can bring you.
  • If they aren’t absolutely necessary but you feel you need to do them because everyone else is, eliminate – what worked for others won’t necessarily work for you.


Business isn’t about being perfect the first time.
It’s about your willingness to do things differently – to advocate for your different take on things. 

To succeed in business is about having the mindset to thrive despite every limitation you have and every obstacle you face. 

It’s okay to be lazy, really. BUT be “SMART” lazy.

You really don’t need to keep proving yourself to anyone!

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