The Only Job That Matters


As a Millennial, I pretty much had more access to different learning opportunities as compared to my parents.

Growing up, I had art lessons, advanced math and English classes, writing lessons, drama lessons, singing classes and more.

Everything was accessible. Everything was interesting. Everything became a part of me.

When it came to choosing a degree or a career, I wanted a lot. I was good at many things and I was interested about so many things.

I like business.
I love money.
I enjoy communications.
I adore the theater.
I feel smart talking risk management.
I delighted in PR and media.

I kept thinking –

“I am good at many things. Why pick one?” 

Unfortunately, the older generation didn’t see being a generalist as something acceptable.

I often got reprimanded for trying to be a Jill-of-all-Trade.

“Maria, you can’t be an expert in everything! You’ll be an expert in nothing”

I took this statement to heart and for the longest time I felt I had to dim pieces of myself.

I shrunk my light to fit into a box. And I suffocated.

I didn’t feel free. I felt so contained. I felt devoid of the different pieces of my soul.

I literally believed that I had to choose one to Succeed. 

I believed that success and happiness couldn’t happen together.

So I dimmed my light.

In my mid-twenties, I was depressed. I felt such a misfit. I had quite a successful “day job” but it wasn’t enough.

I felt empty. 

I felt so jaded – a fish without the water.

I hired a life coach then. I started getting clear on my life and which things were important for me.

That’s when I realized that the highest form of satisfaction is being able to be all of me.

And here is what I did. (Try it out for yourself too)

1. Identify the key areas of my life. I listed the eight areas that matter to me a lot. This is what I came up – Interests, Career, Community, Money, Love, Friends, Health, Creativity. 

2. I made sure that I took action in all of it. I did charity work, creative work, “cash-cow” work (or work that paid the most). 

3. I created long-term and short-term goals for each of the areas.

Since then, I’ve become so happy and so content with everything in my life. I have dreams and look forward to what’s possible in my future. But I am also very happy in the here and the now.

Let me know in the comments the 8 areas in your life that matter to you!

Blessing of miracles,