Want more sales? Sell the message.

Want more sales? Sell the message.

This may come as a shock to you,

… but you’re not actually selling that course. 


You’re not selling that mug or that t-shirt.

You’re not selling coaching services or e-books.

You’re not even selling tickets to your brand new theme park.


You’re selling a message. 

Your message is at the core of everything in your business: your posts, your newsletter, your website, and all your offerings. THAT is what people are buying.


Take Disney, for example. Every DVD, every notebook, every poster and stuffed animal and park ticket revolves around their message of “creating happy moments.”


So when you see a pencil with a Disney character, you’re not buying the pencil. You’re buying what it represents: “happy moments” 


In my case, as a business coach for misfits, my message is “your difference makes you special” and all of my courses and services and products support that message. 


I could sell a pen and call it a Maria Pen, and my followers would buy it because it’s MORE than a pen. It’s a symbol of my message.

Your audience needs something identifiable to relate to you, something simple they can grab onto so they can understand that you’re “all about XYZ.” They need to see your purpose, your vision, your message, because that is the string that ties all of your offers—every notebook, every poster, every stuffed animal and park ticket—together.


When they believe in that one, powerful, identifiable thing… that’s where the sales happen.


So let me ask you…

What are YOU selling?