We Always See What We Want To See


Here is the downside of “looking for signs” –

Seeing the signs we *desperately* WANT to see.

The mind / ego is such a powerful tool. It can literally let us see something we want to believe and miss the things we are consciously avoiding.

Being a “spiritually awakened” person, I tend to rely on my instincts first and then come with the logic necessary to follow through that instinct.

My whole life has basically been a “jump in blind” and “figure it out”.

And so far, I’ve done quite well for myself. My candor coupled with my creativity and confidence have led me to living a life of no regrets.

This pattern of mine, however, has also made me too comfortable in doing things my way – which is okay if I want to create what’s predictable.

Imagine this –

The moment you think of coffee, you just go and get the one that you’re used to getting. 

So regardless of the circumstance, you will be getting the coffee you “want”.

This is okay if you merely want to mimic the success you’ve had.

The last few months, Ive been experiencing such discomfort in my life.

There was something that I *knew* I was missing so staying true to my nature, I hired so many coaches / consultant in the first quarter of the year.

When they were giving me advice, I followed them half-heartedly because I tried it before and I *knew better*

So instead of achieving the success I wanted, I mimicked some of my past failures – because somehow I “wanted” to be proven right.

Last week however, one of my mentors, Monique, took the time to compassionate phrase things the way I could comprehend –

You see..

I was *once again* wanting to prove myself right by leaving a group program because *I don’t do well in group programs*

And though I entered this group with the most open mind, somewhere along the way, I couldn’t see/hear something that I don’t expect to see/hear

Because I wanted to be right.

So all the signs that pointed to me *being right*  in group programs being not for me (others saying how my plan is the best way, or pulling tarot cards that show negative energy) were all that I saw.

And that’s what most *spiritual* people underestimate: the MIND/EGO

I guess… Because we’ve “seen” it all, we “know” what things “mean”, we “will wait for a *sign*”, we tend to be cynical of what others tell us.

Sometimes, however, we need to also change gears – we also need to surf before the tide comes.

What we can do though is trusting our very first instincts – the one that has not yet tested our comfort level!

Hey.. There is a reason why I wanted to join Monique’s group program in the first place…in fact, I was one of the first people that signed up!

So my dear reader, let your first instinct guide you –

And talk it through with the people actually involved in your circumstance! 

Blessing of miracles,