What’s your success formula?

What is Your Success Formula? | Maria Tan | Business Coach for Misfits

Growing up, I knew I was different –  

  • I didn’t like running around but loved reading books. 
  • I used to call all my relatives to give them a list of ‘gifts’ I wanted so they wouldn’t buy me things I didn’t like. 
  • I hated looking like everyone else so I couldn’t wait to show off ‘special’ things like the hair accessories my mom made me. 

So when everyone else could be happy ticking off this list that can be summed up by: 

Money + Husband + Big House + Children = Success, it’s no wonder that I didn’t resonate with it

…I mean, I tried to. I did everything I could to try and be content and happy with that equation. 

  • I got the money part in my early 20s. I hustled like crazy to make more than 10 times what my peers did. 
  • I was going on dates but after meeting guy after guy after guy who just didn’t get my different take in life, can you blame a girl for being tired? 
  • I did try to look at big houses but then I worried about the upkeep and thought it’s not worth all the effort. 
  • I did try to worry about kids and my biological clock, but honestly? I’m okay adopting when the time comes. 

Despite my biggest efforts in trying to make that formula work for me, it just didn’t. I’m just not like everyone else. So I went down a different route – going more on the create my own formula for success – 

I came up with: Joy + Authenticity + Freedom = Success 

✔️ What makes me happy is who I am.

✔️ Who I am is about a different way of being, thinking and living.

✔️ I love the freedom that money gives me. So I’ve made sure that my money is not tied to anyone, or anything. The only way to do that? Embracing entrepreneurship and taking the smartest step every single time became my anthem.

I’ve accepted I can’t be like everyone else who’s okay with the promise of the white picket fence. I tried to be and it broke me – I almost killed myself in my mid-twenties.

How about you? What’s your ‘success formula’?