Why Address Self-Worth?

This was the question a reporter asked after I gave my speech entitled “3 Reasons Why Increased Self-Worth Leads to A Better Money Story.”

Simply put, when one’s Self-Worth is HIGH, you see SOLUTIONS …NOT PROBLEMS

Self-Worth is not the same as Self-Esteem or Self-Confidence

Self-esteem is your confidence on your ability or skills. On the other hand, self-worth is your utmost belief in your value…in what you bring to the table

People with high self worth DON’T:

– think it’s the end of the world when they are hindered by an obstacle. They will re-think things and then come back with something better

– do GUILTY yes. They say yes when they mean it. They don’t get bullied into agreeing to things they don’t really want to do.

– act out of FOMO (fear of missing out). They are confident in what they bring so they don’t mind waiting for the “right” option for them.

– obsess over small details. They focus on the BIG PICTURE or the RESULT they are after.

– know their limits. They won’t “hoard” jobs, projects, money, food… They aren’t afraid of things “drying out” or “running out” because they know they can have access to it anytime

So how do you increase self-worth?

1. Keep a list of “100 Reasons Why I’m Special”

Imagine not looking at the mirror for a month. Can you still remember how you look like?

If we need some kind of reminder to remember what we look like, we also need some kind of reminder to remember what makes us unique.

By making a list of the things that differentiates you from the norm, you are programming yourself to see yourself as a gem in the different circles you interact with.

Reading them everyday, or at least twice a week, helps you stay centered on the things that matter most for you.

2. Never focus on the No. Instead, look for how to turn it into a Yes.

Fact is, most people don’t like change. The idea of change threatens the comfort one is in.

So hesitation is a normal reaction to anything that’s different.

When you are pitching an idea, a product or a service, you have to compassionately see things from the other side.

When you hear a NO, hear it as “not now” and step back to see what you’ve missed. Then pitch it again to someone else or to the same people.

You’ll find a much warmer response because you will appear more open to feedback.

And people prefer to work with those that empower them than those that make them feel bad for not catching up with what’s different.

3. Work Within The System

Creativity doesn’t limit to thinking outside the box. Creativity also includes thinking within boxes.

A lot of people get frustrated because they want to change the system. But what they forget is that change starts with Education.

To raise awareness, it is better to work within systems because it provides an easier access to the stakeholders involved.

When you come and tell them what they’re doing is wrong, you will be faced with a lot of resistance. But when you go and show others how things can be better? You inspire.