Why Be Normal When You’re Special?

The biggest struggle of people with big light is the shame of owning their big dreams.

I don’t blame them. It’s not easy to be comfortable being a BIG LIGHT and having BIG DREAMS.

The irony of growing up in societies that promote “Dreaming Big” while ostracizing people who are “different” “misfits” and “living in Lalaland” make it harder to OWN BIG DREAMS.

The natural state of human beings is to be in a community and a lot of times, people find it hard to be themselves while “fitting in”

As a way to prevent being categorized as a social pariah, people with big light hide their light, make their difference unknown, tame their audacious dreams to conform to what is perceived as “acceptable”

People unconsciously consider difference as change, which they then classify as a threat to normalcy. Because even when a lot of people say they want change, they deflect it because it means a different way of thinking, living and being.

But what if you can be both? What if you can be yourself and still be able to adapt to the people around you?

Here are 3 ways to be “acceptable” and “special”

1. Say Thank You.

Thank you is the best armor to everything. You can use this to respond to the good, the bad and the ugly.

When someone compliments you, thank the other person. When someone says something unpleasant about you, like a criticism, say “thank you for your feedback”. When someone says something mean to you – especially in a passive aggressive way – say “thank you for letting me know”

Whatever happens though, never say sorry or apologize, IF you feel you’re in the right. Thanking others for sharing their opinion with you is not the same as apologizing for shining your light and sharing your views.

2. Look for at least 3 people or fictional characters that you can aspire to become.

Most remarkable people in the world are “different”. This is the reason why they create such an impression on people’s minds.

When you find those three that share the traits that you have, study them in detail. Learn about their struggles and how they were able to move beyond their shame.

Study how they are able to “connect” to others without dimming their light. Figure out how they adapted into society without compromising their own values and integrity.

3. Make a list of 100 reasons why you’re special

What if you don’t look at the mirror for 100 days? Can you still remember your face?

Chances are, it will be difficult to remember what you look like.

It is more natural for us to look for what’s flawed in anything than what’s right. This is the same as how we see ourselves. It’s more common to point out areas of improvement over acknowledging our strengths and achievements.

A list of 100 reasons why you’re special allows you to remind yourself of how great you are. Keep this list somewhere accessible and keep referring to it once in a while.

This will allow you to be more centered in yourself and be comfortable in communicating to others about your BIG DREAMS.

Remember this:

Not everybody can dream big.
Not everyone can see the BIG PICTURE only you can see.
Not everyone has it in them to STEP UP!

If you have it in you, if you believe you can be all you want to be, if you want to go big and shine your big light…


Why be normal when you’re special???