Why the Law Of Attraction isn’t Kids’ Game

Many have this fanatical idea of what the Law Of Attraction means. They think that so long as one wills things to be, things just happen to come. What many don’t get is that the energy of what we are asking vibrates at a much higher level than where we are, and oftentimes, we need to step up to receive.


The last decade of my life was all about me stepping up to receive what I asked and fully manifest things.


In mid-2009, I simultaneously completed a semester in New Zealand and received my Bachelor’s degree in Taiwan.


I had three options ahead of me:


  1.  Work for my government
  2. Teach ESL in Taiwan
  3. Repatriate back to the Philippines


The only thing I knew then was I wanted something different. So I chose #2.


That was the only option that I couldn’t see 5 years into. I could guess what my life would be like for #1 & #3 but #2 was something I can’t predict accurately.


And boy, when you ask, the Universe responds. I didn’t fully comprehend what I’d set in motion.


  • After multiple failures in opening different businesses, I created a new career not many people from my country would even comprehend of imagining.
  • After trying to fit in and wearing different masks to belong, I made life-long friends with people who unconditionally love me.
  • After years of being on survival mode – rushing from one “next big thing” to the other, I’ve embodied a “thrive” mindset – so certain that the path I’ve chosen for myself is the one that would allow me to elevate to the best version of myself.


The one thing that remained constant in that decade is my willingness to step up when the universe delivered something so daunting... something that needed my complete trust in the unknown.


This is the disconnect many people encounter when it comes to manifesting. They keep looking for the green light. When they see that, they want another one, and another one.


That’s not how the Law Of Attraction works.


Think of the simplest things you’ve wanted to manifest – say coffee. When you think coffee, you either:


  1. Go make your own
  2. Go buy one
  3. Receive one from a friend, a family or colleague


At the end of the day, you taking action, you stepping up and doing the deed, can make a difference in whether or not you feel the taste of coffee in your mouth.


That’s law of attraction. It gives but doesn’t spoonfeed.


Last week, I officially put an end to my Taiwan chapter. I would no longer be operating from Taiwan.


The trip itself was an intensely emotional one – I was filled with the rawest emotions saying goodbye to the people that added so much flavor into my life.


In early 2018, I knew I needed change. I wanted more, and I knew it was time to leave Taiwan.


I could have stayed and enjoyed the comfortable circle I created for myself, but again, the Universe rewards those that do their part.


In August 2018, my decision was finalized – my next base effective 2019 would be the Philippines. What I needed next was have a carefully planned exit strategy – ensuring that my professional and personal responsibilities were properly completed.


The trip last week was the last phase of my “exit” and though bittersweet, I closed that chapter feeling so blessed with how full my life is – and realizing how many people, despite the short length of knowing me, genuinely wish for my best.


The Law Of Attraction is no child’s play. It’s for people who really aim to co-create with the Universe with three main ingredients:


  1. Guts – you have to dare breathe life to your desire. You engage in the thought, in the conversation, in the energy or that desire.


  1. Trust – you have to be willing to dive 100% in, without knowing the outcome. Your only guarantee is that you won’t be led astray.


  1. Action – you have to step up. What separates the successful from the others is the action taken towards the big vision.