You can’t only be pouring sweat into your business!

The way I see it, a lot of people embark on this entrepreneurial journey only to find themselves drained – mentally, emotionally and financially.


But isn’t the purpose of leaving a 9-5 in favor of  entrepreneurship FREEDOM?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but FREEDOM shouldn’t be a struggle – it shouldn’t be about a tough life.


So why is it that many focus on hustling, busying and pushing when it comes to doing business?


Entrepreneurship, as well as consumer behavior, has changed a lot in the last century.


  1. People are now comfortable paying for services and experience. We no longer live in a time when people only shelled out money for products.


It’s not uncommon to see people pay extra for things to be delivered to them. It’s also normal to pay premium for a unique lifestyle experienced like luxury travels, spas, dining, entertainment, education, training, among others.


It’s now a mainstream to hire coaches and mentors for brainstorming, accountability, strategy, mindset and implementation.


So if you’re still hustling as a service-based entrepreneur, chances are, you’re treating yourself as the mass-produced product instead of a one-of-a-kind experience.


  1. Today, we have automation and digitization. I was watching this historical TV series and saw that people literally hand-wrote books and sold them.


To sell 100 books, one must copy (by hand) the manuscript 100 times. To sell 1000 books, it has to be copied 1000 times.


The only way to produce more books in a short time is to have more people copying.


Those days are over. In fact, we’ve arrived at a “golden age of miracles” where everything can be done with just a click.


Automation and digitization are the embodiment of freedom. With the right strategy, you can make passive income while being on vacation.


Gone are the days when we need to be in our business all the time.


  1. People value authenticity. Struggle comes from the pressure of having it all together, and being ahead of the game.


Today, your audience prefers an actually good “product” “service” or “experience” VS. great packaging.


With so much competition in the market, people are bombarded with promises of all things possible, there is a growing trend in wanting to go back to basics and just finding that person who keeps it real.


If you’re only hustling, you’re only busying in your business, you will lose out on the people that wants genuine connection, on those people who don’t care too much about you having picture perfect feed but more of what you have to say.


Look at your business as something not separate from you, but an extension of you. The more you sweat things out, the more it stinks. When you give space to yourself and your business, you attract quality clients who are loyal and will serve as your “ambassadors”.


Today, do more of the things that bring you joy in your business! If it’s connection you want, then be the connection you want to have.