Your Creation Isn’t Yours Alone

Your Creation Isn’t Yours Alone

With various creativity courses/workshops becoming more and more accessible, it’s no wonder that there are so many more “hand-made” creations out there. 


We’re not just talking painted masterpieces or three-movement symphonies here, but any kind of creation. Infographics, tutorials, dishes, gifts, courses and other products… you name it. 


And do you know why this expansion is such a beautiful thing?  Because creation is a sacred and intimate process


The creator is pulling something out of themselves and bringing it into the world. They are baring a piece of their soul, birthing something new that has never been before. 


How much more intimate can you get?


But the thing is, creating isn’t just about the creator. 

There is a sacredness and intimacy within the relationship between the creation and those who see/hear/experience it, also. 

Creations are a mirror: 


  • They reflect something from the creator, and they reflect something from those who experience them. 
  • They show us pieces of ourselves we might not have otherwise seen. 
  • They give us the gift of insight and authenticity.


So the next time you find yourself feeling vulnerable or shy about expanding your reach, remember that it’s not about the sales, or the marketing, or the mailing list. 


It’s about the gift of giving someone back to themselves in your own unique way.